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How to setup a dedicated server

- Go to your AC installation folder (Steam -> browse local content) and get the following files and folders and upload them to your server:

folder "server"

- use acServerLauncher.exe on your own pc to easily generate your server configuration
- the wizard will write into the following ini files that you can also manually edit:


- leave the entry list blank for now
- make sure you put some booking time

- Open firewalls on the udp/tcp ports on your servers that you wrote in the server_cfg.ini
- run acServer.exe on your server

Here's an example of well formed server_cfg.ini, with just a qualify and a race session

es: nel file cfg.

NAME=AC #001 Abarth Festival ;name of the server
CARS=abarth500_s1;ferrari_458 ;; models of the cars allowed in the server
TRACK=magione;vallelunga;vallelunga-club;silverstone-international;nurburgring;imola ; tracks allowed on the server
SUN_ANGLE=-8 ; angle of the position of the sun
MAX_CLIENTS=15 ;; max number of clients (must be <= number of pits)
RACE_OVER_TIME=20 ;; time remaining in seconds to finish the race from the moment the first one passes on the finish line
PORT=9600 ;; UDP port number
HTTP_PORT=8075 ;; TCP PORT number
LOOP_MODE=1 ;; the server restarts from the first track,, to disable this set it to 0
PASSWORD=asdasd ;; server password
ALLOWED_TYRES_OUT=-1 ;; penalty (-1 disabled)
SLEEP_TIME=1 ;; this must not be touched
REGISTER_TO_LOBBY=1 ;; this must not be touched

[BOOK] ;; booking session
TIME=5 ;; in minutes

NAME=Free Practice
TIME=0 ;; in minutes
WAIT_TIME=30 ;; in seconds

TIME=15 ;; in minutes
WAIT_TIME=30 ;; in seconds

WAIT_TIME=60 ;; in seconds, this is the time of the start countdown