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Rilasciata la Build 1110 (11/05/2018)


Fixed issues with shadow and texture filtering introduced with performance update.
Fixed Launcher sporadically hanging on verify with certain content.
Fixed live replays not working when 'Record Replay' was set to OFF.
Fixed an issue that caused missing segments of real road on certain tracks.
New: Corner and safety workers can now be two separate objects and
animations instead of being one object with two people. Naming conventions for modders.
The new safety workers are called SafetyWorker_001, _002, ... and the animations SB_FLAGDOWN, SB_FLAGHELD, ... similar to the corner worker
New: Puppet mode was added to dev mode for modders. It shows up in the menus and allows you to remotely control certain aspects of a race.
You can also drag select cars in the camera view and control them.
Fixed missing brake disc glow.